JimCarey.org is For Sale

- complete with a huge amount of content -
I have over 80,000 articles, indexed on Google and many other search engines

I'm no longer in the health and fitness industry, and the volume of traffic to JimCarey.org is being wasted.

Two years ago I created a WordPress 3.5 site that downloads over 100 health and fitness news feeds, then posts a summary of the article to JimCarey.org, with a link to the full text of the article.

I then created a RSS feed from the compiled information on JimCarey.org. I plugged that RSS feed into my Twitter account, my Facebook account, my aWeber newsletter and my Google newsletter.

On Twitter I'd post a summary of all new articles every 10 minutes.

On aWeber and Google I'd email out a summary of the news once a day.

Then I'd post a link of the summary newsletter on my FaceBook page.

This is completely automated; I check on it once or twice a month; if anything malfunctions I get a notification email within minutes, though once I got the bugs out, it rarely happens.

I've run this site for almost two years, as a public service to my friends and customers who knew me when I was into the raw vegan, health, and fitness industries. It's very generic, with no references to vegetarian or vegan diets.

Because I included instructions on how to plug my RSS feed into any website, other people have plugged my RSS feed into their websiteandr social networking accounts, too.

I sometimes generate over 1500 clicks a day on Twitter alone.

Screenshot of the original website: Chick here - HTLM

There are 50,100,000 references to JimCarey.org on Google Search, as of 2/1/13: Google Search Results

Here are links to copies of the traffic logs: Webalyzer, AW Stats for 2012 and AW Stats for 2013.

If you've been doing online marketing for any amount of time you know that Google Stats seem to be unrelated to your true website traffic. I've posted pages that generated hundreds of emails and phone calls, but Google Stats said the page had only 50 visitors.

Be that as it may, the depth of their reporting is impressive, and I've always figured their numbers were proportional to my true traffic. So here's what Google Stats has to say about JimCarey.org:

Traffic since 1/1/2012
Country of Origin
Location Details
Browsers & Operating Systems

The only thing I did to monetize the site is post a bunch of Amazon.com store links. That generates about $25 a month, but after paying the hosting bill, with my high CPU usage (about $200 a year), it's pretty much of a break-even thing. When renewal came up at the end of January, I shut the site down for the third time.

I'd much rather turn it over to someone who can utilize it to its fullest potential - I've moved on in my life, and am totally involved with the security firm I now work with.

You can keep the domain name JimCarey.org, amd/or move the data to your own website.

I have two prices in mind:

#1 - For $5,000 I'll sell you the website, upload all of the files to your chosen server, and provide you with the MySQL backup files (WordPress Export format, 80,483 articles, 12.6 mb.). If needed, I have the original website still sitting on one of my servers, and we can bring it back up in 2-3 minutes. You'll get 3 hours of my time in tech support.

#2 - For $8,000 I'll not only sell you the website, I'll also assist you in a full transfer of the site to your server, including a change in the domain name. You'll get a total of 24 hours of tech support from me for a 3 month period, as required. The feeds don't have to post to the front page; we can automatically categorize and post them anywhere on the site, and we can filter content as desired.

I suggest you run JimCarey.org as designed, AND copy the content to your own site, and implement all of the same tools I've built. Over time, you can slack off on JimCarey.org so that Google will become more focused on your primary website.

Funds can be deposited with an escrow service, to guarantee compliance.

Interested? It's an inexpensive, quick way to build a LOT of content and traffic.

If you have the monetization vehicle to capitalize on the investment, you'll get a great return.

Jim Carey